1950’s Tiki Shoot With Tiera A.

This shoot was planned with materials from a prior shoot but since the materials did not arrive on time was rescheduled. Sometimes having too much material pays off and you get to shoot them later like this one. With just a little more planning and adding some finishing touches and the shoot was ready to go.

Tiki shoots are a lot of fun to shoot. It is fun to play with island vibes in your studio and the vibrant, exotic colors and motifs.

Post World War II, there was a lot Pacific influence in the United States. This was brought back by the troops returning from the war and the on-going Korean War. Pacific influences from the Philippines, Hawaii and Japan are present in the wardrobe. Guys often wore Hawaiian shirts. Both men’s and women’s fashions were influenced through serving abroad in the Pacific theater. You will see many of these markers in the images from this photoshoot.


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