Professional Referrals

Lisa Joy doing makeup for a session

Lisa Joy Walton – Makeup Artist

Lisa Joy  is an industry veteran whose make-up philosophy and artistry results in comments like: “You look beautiful” rather than “What a great make-up job”. She focuses on downplaying the negatives and enhancing her client’s positives features while maintaining a natural feel to the overall make-up. Job satisfaction comes from seeing a bride at her best or a TV personality have the professional look appropriate to their field of work.

Tiera A in a photosession

Tiera Agar – Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Tiera, Tea for short, and I’ve been fascinated with pinup culture and a world before my own since before I can remember. I was raised listening to Elvis cassette tapes and watching movies on VCR. Growing up, I was always told I looked exactly like Shirley Temple…and you can imagine what that led to. I soon developed a full collection of her movies, along with Grease, Singin in the Rain, Casablanca, etc.  Even though I had fallen in love with everything from the mid 1930’s-the early 1960’s era, it wasn’t until I was 21 that I discovered the modern pinup and rockabilly fashion. This is when my soul lit on fire.

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