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Successful Photography Session Preparation

I’m a firm believer in planning and preparation especially for a photo session.  When it comes to photo shoots, Planning.  Preparation.  Focus.  Details. Everything from the wardrobe, to lighting, to jewelry and to makeup I like to at least have considered during the planning of the shoot.

Quite a lot goes into a shoot that may not be obvious to the uninitiated.  From the location and background to the makeup and hair.  What I’d like to concentrate on though for this post, though, is clothing.  Again, to the uninitiated this seems trivial.  Isn’t it all about the equipment?  No, it’s not about the equipment.  Think presentation.  Are you selling the clothes, jewelry, glasses or are you selling you?  That question determines the clothing and what you shoot and how you shoot.

Many people focus on the concepts but not the content.  I like to focus on the content that meets its purpose and intended audience.  Recently, I was on a trade-for-print (TFP) shoot where the individual not only changed his hairstyle but also poorly packed his clothing in a wad.  Then, didn’t tell me until the shoot. The wrinkles in the clothing were impossible to get out so the shoot was very limited to specific no-press items.  I can’t stress enough how unprofessional and poorly this reflects on a model’s preparation.  From the photographer’s perspective, it appears like you’re not taking the material seriously.  Secondly, it doesn’t reflect well on getting a call back.  Don’t be this guy!

Instead, press and pack clothing for a shoot carefully.  Show up with no-shine if a make-up artist  is not scheduled.  Guys, shave if that’s the look of the concept.  Above all, don’t ask a photographer if you should wear saggy, dingy or out-of-fashion clothing.  Wouldn’t you want to look your best? Who would want to appear poorly in photos?


That’s what I thought.

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