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So, You Want To Enter A Pin-Up Contest…

Pin-up contests are a way for the ladies to get out there to show your latest creation in pin-up fashion. A local pin-up contest is a great way to do that. After working with pin-up contestants and coordinators, I thought a blog post could help future contestants on what to expect and to shed light on what the experience is like.

First, I interviewed several past contestants and one coordinator for their experiences with pin-up contests. There were some common themes among them. Let’s take the contestants’ inputs first.

What’s the hardest part of competing in a pin-up contest?

N.S. The moment you step on stage.

N.M. I think the hardest part of a pinup contest is being on stage and having everybody stare at you trying to remember what you’re supposed to say. Wondering if people like you. Wondering if you look pretty enough . Is my outfit nice enough . It can be hard not to compare yourself to the other girls.

What did you find the most unexpected?

N.S. The friends I’ve made…and lost.

N.M. No matter how perfect anyone seems, Everyone is fighting their own battle within themselves,

Anna H. after competing

What did you find the easiest?

N.S. The idea of what character I wanted to project on stage.

N.M. Friends… and some awesome friends. I’ve worked with and had the privilege to be along side some truly amazing people.

What would you do over and why?

N.S. Not flipping off an entire audience in my first event!

N.M. That’s a hard one especially because I have a few contests under my belt and I[‘ve] seen all angles of contests. But the one thing that I have learned if you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your outfit clothes and hire someone for your make up to feel beautiful and that’s not what makes you beautiful or a real pinup… Real beauty is really within You.

There is quite a bit of wisdom in the thoughts above from past contestants. Now, how do you coordinate a contest and what are some things you might find.

As a pin-up contest coordinator, what is the most challenging part of the job?

J.M. Most challenging part is making sure the contestants and sponsors don’t flake at the last moment. Also, that the sponsors come through.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had as a pin-up contest coordinator?

J.M. The most fun of being a pinup coordinator is being able to meet new people, network and see one’s vision come to life.

What’s your best advice to contestants?

J.M. The advice I would give contestants is to see the contest as an opportunity to stand united with other Pinups. I think by only focusing on winning, we lose track of what’s important: to have fun!

So there you have it. Pin-up contests are a great way to have fun with fashion, meet new friends, learn a bit about yourself, stretch yourself some and most of all – HAVE FUN!


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