Tiera A in a photosession

Photographing A Vintage 1950’s Photo Session

Photographing a vintage 1950’s photoshoot can be a challenge.  From the studio or on location to the makeup to the hairstyling, the challenges abound.

I am lucky to collaborate with the model, hairstylist and makeup artist, Tiera, recently on a 1950’s vintage photoshoot concept.  For this shoot, we did a living room scene and a holiday-themed scene.  Both scenes are timely as both of us we seeking more content and set in the 1950’s.  Tiera loves the 1950’s era, dresses in vintage clothing and it shows!  Her hairstyling and vintage makeup is on point.  I loved the results of this session and I hope that you do too.  Here’s one of the images from the shoot below although I have many, many more images to process.

There were a lot of concepts that I considered for this shoot.  I choose the living room scene as a concept as this was the first time I’ve worked with Tiera as a model.  The results speak for themselves.  Tiera is an outstanding model and MUAH and will be a regular on my blog.  Since I wasn’t able to shoot all the content that I wanted, I will continue to shoot additional content comprising all of the concepts Tiera and I discussed.

Often when I will meet with a model for the first time, I spend additional time to discover his/her ideas and how developed his/her portfolio is at this point in time.  Since I love to work on vintage concepts and so does Tiera, expect to see more of her on this blog in the future.

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