Calysta in a photosession

Researching Your Vintage Photoshoot

What I’d like to cover in this post is the styling part of the preparation.  For my shoots, I like to look at several sources.  The first source I look at is clothing.  I use to get a good understanding of the clothing and styling of a given era.  Also, if I have contacts with a person or persons who have a good recollection of the targeted era, I will discuss styling with them as well.  Next, I like to discuss makeup and styling with my makeup artist.

After this research, I like to start choosing the wardrobe and jewelry styling.  Many times, I have to look in multiple places to find the “right” jewelry piece or “just right” wardrobe piece.  Of course, when you’re working with models, often one of them will have a piece or two that will work.  Lastly, I will work in the hairstyling.  Sometimes, even this is a trick to find the hairstylist that can suit the styling you seek.  Often times, I will send a copy of the styling I want with the model to give to the hairstylist as a guide to the final look.

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