Researching Your Vintage Photoshoot

For a successful vintage photoshoot, like other photoshoots, requires preparation in location, styling, lighting and technique.

What I'd like to cover in this post is the styling part of the preparation.  For my shoots, I like to look at several sources.  The first source I look at is clothing.  I use to get a good understanding of the clothing and styling of a given era.  Also, if I have contacts with a person or persons who have a good recollection of the targeted era, I will discuss styling with them as well.  Next, I like to discuss makeup and styling with my makeup artist.

After this research, I like to start choosing the wardrobe and jewelry styling.  Many times, I have to look in multiple places to find the "right" jewelry piece or "just right" wardrobe piece.  Of course, when you're working with models, often one of them will have a piece or two that will work.  Lastly, I will work in the hairstyling.  Sometimes, even this is a trick to find the hairstylist that can suit the styling you seek.  Often times, I will send a copy of the styling I want with the model to give to the hairstylist as a guide to the final look.

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