Preparing For A Headshot

I get asked often how to prepare for a headshot.  Sometimes, I get asked to remove all the wrinkles from the shots.  Other times, I get asked what is a head shot for?  Let me answer these questions and shed light on the purpose of a headshot first. 

The purpose of a headshot for actors and actresses IS to book work.  If people like your image, then you’re likely to get a callback.  In a way, the headshot is a visual resume of the current YOU.   A headshot from your 20’s won’t book you work in your 40’s.  So, asking to remove all the wrinkles in your images would only do you a disservice as it would misrepresent you to potential clients.  For business clients, your image may be part of your brand.  Potential clients want to know what you look like, to know who they’re doing business with and ultimately to connect with on business.

To prepare for a headshot, you want to look your best.  For the day of the shoot, I recommend that you have your hair done that day.  Be sure to bring with you a brush or comb for minor adjustments to the photo session.  If you’ve scheduled makeup for the session that great.  Otherwise, choose a more natural makeup for the ladies.  For the gentlemen, I recommend No-Shine to reduce the glare of the photographic lighting.  There are also blotting pads which can be used to reduce the shine as well.  For the eyes, I recommend eye drops that reduce redness in the eyes.

On the day before the shoot, get plenty of rest at night and drink plenty of water.  I also recommend that you reduce alcohol intake and prepare for you photo session the night before.  Starting the day of your shoot with stress is likely to show in the photos.

I wish you success in your next headshots shoot. 

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