Making The Most Of Your Tour Guides

As both a photographer and traveler, I must make the most of my travel time.  When I book a walking tour, day cruise or day trip, I find that the best tour guides make the photography easy and I learn a lot about the country, city or locale I'm visiting.

Recently, I vacationed in southeast Australia and had several opportunities to take multiple city walking tours, a day trip to Phillip Island and a day cruise to Wine Glass Bay.  I was careful to book well-regarded tour guides along the way.  Not necessarily the cheapest day trip but definitely ones with excellent reviews in interesting places.  I have found over my travels through the United States, Europe and now Australia that the tour guide IS the difference between getting great travel shots and having a great time as well.  As a tourist, you need someone on YOUR team that has local savvy and can get you from place to place in a timely manner.  The best tour guides know all the local spots, have the best stories and a lot of answers to your particular questions.

For more information on tours in any of these destinations, follow my reviews on TripAdvisor.

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