Inspiring Location Scouting

As a photographer you know that shooting is the fun part but the real work is the 80% of the other stuff that you do.  One of those tasks is location scouting.  Location scouting is actually one of the things that I do enjoy.  It hasn’t always been so though.  Here’s how I do it.

I approach location Scouting in the same way as I use my photographic eye.  As I walk through daily life, I’m faced with new visuals all the time.  I’m nearly always looking for a great shot.  What happens if I train my eye to look for locations instead of just looking for the great shot.  Instead of chasing the subject, chase the background, ambiance or lighting.  As you know, a perspective change is ever important in photography.  Let’s alter that perspective for a day or week and find some new locations. 

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