How To Find The Right Hairstylist For Your Project

If you’ve been following along, I covered finding the right makeup artist for your project.   I’ve found over time that hair and makeup must be “right.”  For the “right” styling, the vision really depends on you.  Ask yourself what you want to achieve.  What should the styling be?  Contemporary?  Modern?  Vintage? Vintage with modern elements?  These choice drive which hair stylist you would choose.

Since I work with a number of makeup artists, I ask for recommendations from them.  People that they know in the business and that are skilled in hair in the vintages that I work in.  Through that avenue, I’ve found some great hairstylists by way of referral.  It’s just good business and it’s smart.   Of course, you will follow and Like their Instagram posts too.  Right?  I sure do.  I love to see what the hairstylists that I work with are doing and their success is your success.

I also like to work with hair educators that are on the cutting edge of hair and the hair business.  I’ve found them through my makeup artist.  Checkout the hair and makeup schools in your area for potential candidates for a hair stylist.  I like to do test shoots with both new hairstylists and makeup artists that I work with.  I suggest a test shoot for you too when you’re working with someone new.  You might ask how working with someone new might come up.  Suppose that you’re working a big job and you need more than one MUA.  Then you need more than one MUA. 

Of course, I also know some MUAHs, too.  I’ve found a MUAH that does outstanding wigs as well as hair styling and makeup. Above all else find people that you throughly enjoy working with like I have.

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