Elegance In November

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing one of my models Skye for an elegant glamour setting.  The results I think are stunning.

On all of my shoots, I do a lot of pre-planning of my work.  From the sketches, to the makeup, I work diligently to define and refine the image I seek.  Then, with the planning in place, I capture that image.  In this case, I captured a strong confident woman comfortable in her femininity.  Personal strength is always a quality that photographs well.

For this shoot, I used the services of Lisa Joy Makeup for the look I wanted along with Tony and Guy educator Michelle for the hair.  For lighting, I chose clamshell lighting while using a Westcott Lighting Rapidbox beauty dish above and strip light below. Choosing the makeup and hair artists carefully make my shoots successful and takes my images to the next level.  The makeup and hair are key to glamour and pinup photography as a flaw in either results in difficult to fix post-processing edits.  It is also good to have your makeup artist on set for any corrections or changes necessary for the shoot to progress.

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